are you ready?

Let the countdown begin. Avery is going to be ONE this Friday and we're going to celebrate on Saturday. I'm hoping to keep the costs at a minimum and I think it's going to work. I took a picture I had from Avery playing on the porch and used it to make an invitation. Her party is going to be held on our porch, so I thought is ever appropriate. I added the text to this picture using this great website (that's free) called Picnik. My firefox even crashed while I was making this and the website remembered all the editing I did. Love them! I cropped the picture to an exact 4x6 so that when I printed them, none of the text would be cut off. I printed them as pictures because that was cheaper (and quicker) with my 40% coupon at Walgreens than printing them at Kinkos on thick cardstock. Score!

To spread the word, I made a facebook event and then printed about 30 of these. We're going to send some home to family that won't be able to make it. Not like they don't know their granddaughter/neice/great granddaughter is turning the big O-N-E or anything. We handed out some invitations to our neighbors too, because most of them don't have facebook. I think Avery is going to love her party. Little does she know that she gets to eat cake for the first time. Oh, to be one again!

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emily said...

no i am NOT ready!!! how can it have been a year already??? i still remember that day like it was yesterday...wellllll sept 29 was already special to me :) BUT one year ago added special significance and drama to that date. and oh yeah, sept 30 too. save me a cupcake!!

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