thrift store score

In college, I used to do all of my shopping at thrift stores because there were so many in San Luis Obispo. When we first moved to New Orleans, it sounds funny to say, but because of the condition of the city, thrift stores were no where to be found. Now I have found a gem of a place, walking distance from our house called Bloomin' Deals. (clever, right?) The donations come from what I could consider high society people, and have been worn only a few times. Yesterday, Avery and I took only $10 with us to see if we could find a birthday dress for her party. Lucky for us, they were having a sale, "buy one, get one free." A sale at a thrift store? My kind of sale. So these dresses were $3 each but because of the sale, we got all 4 of these for $6. 54. Now, which one should she wear? We could do it like she's hosting the oscars and change every hour? I'm partial to the first two. Even better news, twice a year they have a "bag sale" where you get a huge black garbage bag and whatever you can fit inside, you get for $9. And that's happening this Saturday, when my mom is in town! If anyone knows how to thrift and find the best stuff, it's my mom. It's the little things that get us excited. 

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