why do you do this to me, ikea?

GREAT NEWS!! We ordered our cabinets yesterday from Ikea. This resulted in every few minutes Ken raising his hand for a high five saying, with joy, "Cabinets!" Even Avery got in on the fun. Our kitchen is going to be so beautiful. I love Ikea because we basically ordered really simple pieces that we'll put together to make a unique kitchen that we love. Since there isn't an Ikea near us, closet one being in Houston, TX, some genius created a company called Blue Bag where you order what you want and then go and pick it up for you, for a small fee. This fee is NOTHING compared to shipping costs from the website. Our cabinets are on their way. Yippee!

Today, I was checking out the website, because it's amazing and wandered over to the children's zone. I found some great things for an Avery Kitchen. Feast your eyes on these adorable things. The tools are made of felt. I think that might be my favorite thing here. I have made felt things for Avery, and maybe the felt isn't the greatest, but it balls up and looks bad after a while. I wonder if these do that, seeing how they might be nicer quality. They really need an Ikea in Louisiana, but we'd be in trouble if there was.

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