This is the bathroom which I find to be beautiful. We picked this light blue color after we saw a really sweet bathroom in the NY Times a while back and it stuck. Ken bought this bead board and put it in and added this nice lip on the top to make it flush with the wall. The choice for the floors was also inspired from another bathroom we saw. Ken just finished the final coat of blue paint and the bright white baseboards and it really made the room come together.

Avery was nice enough to let us have her chandelier because her new room is getting a ceiling fan which I'm sure she is okay with. Do your babies love ceiling fans? Avery can look at them forever, especially when she was a little peanut. We thought this would be funky in the bathroom to have something fancy like this and the bright yellow really pops and adds a nice dash of color. Yellow is a theme in our house!

These are the main players for the completion of the bathroom. Someone gave us this bathtub, which runs around $1,200 so it was nice gift. However, it was RUSTY. I'm talking covered in rust so Ken sanded it down, spray painted the outside and it looked much better. For the inside, we had to get it finished professionally which ran about $300. It is beautiful now. We're looking at the hardware for the faucets and the shower head and it's going to look nice, real nice. The yellow sink is one of my favorite finds. We bought it at this thrift store called Bargin Bin in the Bywater for $20 about a year ago. It would look perfect with the yellow chandelier. We're not sure if we can put this in when we move in because it would take a bit of work, but I'm sure Ken will figure it out.

It's a process over here, but it's fun to see it all come together. So soon! 

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John and Ashley said...

The house is looking great! You guys have such fun taste! :)

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