he's a pro!

We are in the home stretch! Everyday Ken gets us a little bit closer to moving next door. When I get home from work, he works next door after spending most of the day with Avery and will pound away till dinner, take a brief intermission, hang with his fam, eat some food, and then get back to work. I have gone to bed while he has still been working. (What, I'm tired...) This man has his eye on the prize. Some days the changes are more noticeable than others. In the kitchen, Ken,with his own two hands has:

1. Put together and installed all the cabinets
2. Designed the layout perfectly so that it flows well and that everything can open with ease
3. Put the black and white tile down for the floor, diagonally which is legit
4. Put up subway tile in like 3 hours! (you should see him go!)
5. Bought a dishwasher!!!! :)
6. Painted the wall YELLOW which is so great looking
7. Is currently working on countertops
8. Is creating a tongue and groove bead board to go in front of the island (a picture will give clarity...)
9. and like a million other things that I don't understand enough to write down.

 I'm so in love with it!!

Thanks, babe


emily said...

wowowowowowowowowowwwwwww!!! i cant wait to see it in feb!!!!!

Shannon said...

your kitchen is awesome! wanna trade?

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