ALKREWEISTS: episode 3

We paraded this weekend in our annual Mardi Gras parade and it was nothing short of awesome. We had costumes, sewn by myself and a few other ladies, we had a float, we had throws, we had creativity, we were fabulous! Pictures are much better than my words, so here it is!

We're called the "Alkreweists" because our Krewe is made up of people who are not natives of New Orleans but have moved here since Katrina to help rebuild the city in a myriad of ways.

Ken is the captain of our Krewe. Here we are in our costumes with our friend Harris before the parade started. We're super heroes.
We try to match. Ken wins for best legs/leggings.

Some of the most fabulous people I know, all looking amazing.

Our float was awesome this year! It even spins!

Our theme for the parade was "Roots of the Future" and our Krewe's theme was "Your Fabulously Foiled Future." This was on both sides of our float.

I'm representing the second baby in my belly proudly. I paraded with Avery when I was only a month pregnant two years ago. I think our girls will think it's cool that they got to parade so early in life.

Behind Ken is a brass band that followed us the whole time. It was my favorite part, never did we have an excuse not to dance.

Our parade is the only one that rolls down Bourbon street. Walking down Bourbon is really fun, there are so many people out!

All in all, it was a great night. We had a blast. We were all sore the next day because we walked/danced for miles, around 3 or 4 throwing beads and various throws. I especially loved shocking people who recognized me and then wondered, "Melanie's in a Mardi Gras Krewe? Who would have thought?"

See you next year!

Ohh, and what post of mine would be complete without an Avery photo? Even though she didn't get to parade with us, she got a cape and won for most adorable super hero in my book.

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