sister, sister

I have been thinking a lot about my girls and how they'll get along. I don't have sisters, only brothers. I loved my childhood and I attribute a lot of it to having two great older brothers. I would call myself a tom-boy from the get go. I loved playing sports and being active because my brothers were that way. I still don't consider myself my most feminie of ladies even though I like to wear dresses and skirts. My brothers helped me be tough because they were tough. I love telling people that I have older brothers, that I'm the youngest and the only girl. So when I thought of our family, I assumed we would have a bunch of boys.

Now here we are, 2 girls. What will is be like raising sisters? Most of my friends who have sisters say they are best friends with theirs. I hope Avery and this little one are like that. I'm sure they will be seeing Avery loves everyone, even strangers! It has been so much fun to think about how they'll grow up so close in age and hopefully they'll be each other's #1 fan. I would have never thought I would be the mother to two girls, but I'm over the moon about it.

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The Zaballos Family said...

they're going to love having each other!!

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