carpe diem


7 weeks and this family of 3 will increase to 4. I think Avery is on to this "baby in belly" business but I don't think any of us realize how many things will change. Change in a good way, but change in leaving behind quiet afternoons walking to local coffee shop for a sweet treat and then spending an hour at the park with our little girl. We're working on savoring what we have in the present and trying to let the future worry for itself. With so many things on our plates right now, we decided the best thing to do would be to enjoy the now. So we did today. For mom that meant taking pictures of my girl who now likes to pose, so all the more fun. For dad that meant being with his ladies. For Avery that meant anything because she has yet to know worry which is the best.

Can we check on the chickens before we leave?
Oh chickens, you have grown!


"I was like...what?"

"ahh, bien!"

"stand here and smile??"

"okay then, CHEESE!"

"girl, I ain't getting back in front of that wall"

"say what?"

carrot cake, I knew I came for a reason

sweet tooth satisfied

I look nothing like my mom here...

park, my old friend

1 comment:

Shannon said...

too cute! I just love her!!! she's growing to be quite the little lady!

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