"my second"

Those magic words.

"This your first baby?"

"No, my second."

"Oh, congrats."

I'm often asked if this is my first baby when I'm waddling strolling around town and instantly when I say, "No, it's my second actually." It's magic. The comments or pearls of wisdom that were approaching the tip of their toungue vanishes and they simple say, "oh."

It's as if I learned everything, or rather heard every comment already if I'm having another.

Thank the good Lord because you already know how fun those comments are.

Of course, I still get the:

"Any day now, huh?
No, friend. I'm about 7 weeks to go so leave me alone.

"You're about to pop!"
No, sweet and ever so observant friend. I'm about 7 weeks to go so leave me alone.

"You having twins?"
No, sweet and ever so observant friend, and I'm offically allowed to punch you because I'm pregnant, BTW.

And so it goes. You go for months where people wonder if you're even pregnant and then you reach the time when people feel comfortable to make a comment because it's pretty obvious, but then they go overboard. Like word vomit it seems. Seriously, a month ago you would have felt awkward even asking if I was expecting.

Again, and so it goes.

But just so you all know, "No, it's my second."

1 comment:

Ande said...

thats so funny and annoying lol. I'm glad you are tough missy you can do it. And you can yell at them with a smile if u wanted and they'd probably still love you. Can't wait for your new arrival. Love you,Ande

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