hold on

Life can be overwhelming, and in a moment it can become peaceful and serene. Work, bills, chores, toddlers, life. It can all just be a lot. But there are moments. Moments where I'll sit in my living room after Avery has fallen asleep and I'll look around, breathe deep and take in all that I have been given. The worst thing is that I can loose this feeling so quickly. The truths didn't change, my perspective did. I wish I would hold on to the feelings of joy and let them permeate my day, my thoughts, my next morning walk to work. That the love I have for my husband and daughters would be so deep that getting bumped and hurt along the way wouldn't shift my thinking. More, I wish my love of the Lord would be a pillar of strength when I'm shaken. That I would hold on to his love, his truth, and not let go.

I don't want these moments to slip by unoticed, unsavored. It's such a thrill to know that another little life will be added to our home shortly, but with that comes the knowledge that days will look completely different after that point. It won't be just the Ave and us taken trips to the park or laughing till we fall over or looking for lizards or us sporadically going to our favorite resturant for beans and rice. Sister will be there, and it will be wonderfully...different.

So we're just going to hold on and savor. It's going to be great.

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