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I have always loved the anticipation of June. Even as a kid, I loved when June came a long because school was chill and summer was near. I have never been more excited for a month in my life. June marks the end of teaching for a while and the beginning of my new job: stay at home mom. Oh yes, I'm so excited. Teaching is great, but I can't wait to give all of myself to my little girls come June. You might be thinking this baby's name will be June, but you'll have to wait till June to know what it's going to be.

New favorite picture, can't love this face enough. She's been playing and pretending with her stuffed animals lately and it's simply hilarious. Shrek, along with a pink baseball mit, were the first gifts from Grandpa Rhoads when Avery was wee baby.

So, I'm 37 weeks and a few days today and I'm feeling just fine. I feel her move in big waves rather than kicks, kinda like when you pop popcorn on the stove, it's really quick and poppy in the beginning, and then it slows down because the pan is filled up. She's pretty much taking up all of me, I can only imagine how snug she must feel. Hopefully that means she's ready to come out! I have no idea if she'll come early, on time, or late. Avery was induced so that natural progression of labor never happened.

School bathroom, classy touch I think. 37 weeks here.

We have been taking Bradley classes for about a month now and I'm in love with it. Our Bradley coach is really an amazing woman. If you're pregnant, live in New Orleans, I recommend this class. Our coach, or teacher, was kind enough to do a shorter class because of my due date and she even comes to our house after putting her 4 children to sleep! Ken and I look forward to class because she's so encouraging and informed about birth. It's a beautiful thing.

I have also been following some Brewer's diet recommendations. I had preclampsia with Avery and I would really like to avoid that because it would drastically change the labor process. After doing some research, I found this doctor who designed a diet high in protein that has proven to prevent preclampsia. My primary doctor implied that it is just something that happens, not predicting or preventing, but when I mentioned it to my Bradley coach, she knew of it and said it was great. Even if it doesn't work to prevent preclampsia, I have been a good diet so that can't hurt.

Avery has been an expressive and emotional little girl lately. She gets soooo excited about things. Her eyes pop and she'll laugh with joy when you understand what she's trying to tell you. She found a lizard the other day and it is her favorite word. It's also the best distractor ever. When she's getting frustrated, we just ask, "Where's the lizard?" and she'll say it and point outside, and then go "ba ba ba?" That means "the lizard is outside with the chickens." Sounds like a line from the godfather. "It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes." Speaking of chickens, this girl was meant to live on a farm. She is so good with them. I went outside once after she had been playing with them and she was holding a cup with some chicken food in it and all three of them were up on the steps and she was standing in front of them throwing food to them, and talking to them. I think they're a little scared of her agressiveness. Avery has also been mastering the potty lately. I haven't read any books or done any research on this, but she has a little potty in our bathroom and for a few months, she would just sit there when I went. Now, she goes in by herself and on her own initiative and uses the potty. She'll come out, "Daddy! See???" Ken has been awesome "training" her because he's so chill about accidents that might happen so she doesn't stress about it. We're working on understanding that underwear is not a diaper. Haha. She normally runs about the house sans diaper.

Straight kicking it with a cookie in her "recently discoverd in the attic while getting the newborn baby clothes for sister" rocking chair. I painted in a while ago, and when we moved, put it in the attic. She loves it.  

I normally don't write this much but I felt some reflection was due seeing how so much is going to change here soon. The most stressful thing about my life right now is work. Teaching has been incredibly hard this year with many, many days ending in tears. I seem to always find my stride after Christmas break, but that never happened with this class, I more found ways to cope. So to be here, at the end of it, is a shock to me. I didn't think I would make, and it has nothing to do with being pregnant. Being pregnant actually helped me not stress to much or yell till I was red in the face because I didn't want to put stress on the baby. Ken has been incredibly encouraging too. This morning he goes, "two more mondays!" Mondays are the hardest because I have the best weekends with my family.

Playing a serious game of cards with Annie (this is actually Annie! Annie is the name of every friend that Avery has. Why you ask? Who knows?)

Should a pregnant woman wear stripes? Some would wonder. Here we are at Avery Island, where they make Tabasco Sauce and have a lot of birds and alligators. Avery loved it.

I'll end with this. Ken is the best. If you know him, then I'm sure you'll agree. I could list why he is so wonderful but that could be annoying because, one would think, "Well, yeah, of course you feel that way. You married the guy! You should think he's the bees knees." But I'm pregnant, and I can do/say whatever I want. On Saturday, Ken lets me sleep in. I realized the other night, he lets me sleep in on the weekends because I work early, but it dawned on me, he NEVER gets to sleep in. Like, literally has not slept in since Avery was born. He always lets me sleep. But this Saturday, I woke up to them playing joyfully, and I came out, and layed on the couch. Ken suggested we all hit up the park before it gets too hot. So, and he gets Avery ready, I fall back alseep on the couch. Coooool. So he takes her, runs her ragged so she sleeps well for her nap and then comes home right before lunch. And then, once she's fallen alseep I really push it and I go, "Baaabe? You know how your sisters gave me some money to get a pedicure as a sweet and awesomely perfect mother's day gift? Can I go get my pedicure?" I feel like most people would have said, "Really? You need more relaxation today?" But he goes, "Yeah, of course. You could go into labor any day now, she you'll need your toes done" I'm blessed. And this picture is why I spend most of my days laughing. Who does this? He wanted to make sure the coop accomadations were pleasing to the chickens. Out of control.  


Rebecca Pflugradt said...

It is so true that everyone who knows Ken would say the he is the best... seriously, never met anyone who doesn't like him. Girl, we've got good husbands. :)

Shannon said...

So excited you're going to stay at home for a while! Now you have to not be such a stranger!!!!!

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