2 weeks

Eliza is the calmest little bubby I've ever met. She just chills all day whether it's sleeping or laying in her bouncy seat watching her sister play around her, or on her, or with her... or trying to pick her up. She's much smaller than her sister so we're still wearing newborn clothes and are just at eight pounds. She has the sweetest eyes, an old soul in my opinion.

Second Week Highlights:
  • Baptism on Sunday (read here)
  • Cord fell off leaving a cutie little belly button
  • Weight went down but is on the up and up
Avery has been a super big sister and we're so proud of her for how she's learning to love "lil liza." She'll sing to her when she's crying, which is rare but it's sounds like "lil liza" repeated over and over. Avery loves to help me feed Eliza. She'll hand me all the different things that are around while I feed Avery. She's also really into giving Eliza her paci, even when she's sleeping. I love watching them together. 


Doing when we love the most: sleeping

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Shannon said...

Oh Mel, she's beautiful! Absolutely perfect!

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