if this skirt could talk

My Grandma Elmore gave me a sweet gift. She knows I like to sew, so she sent me a collection of fabric triangles that she has collected over the years. Her mom (my great grandma Carlson) made most of her clothes, and when she completed a dress or what have you, she would take the scraps and make perfect triangles for a quilt in the future. My grandma has made many things with these scraps, and then sent the rest to me. She can look at them and remember the dresses she wore as a kid. I was amazed at how beauitful they all are. I mean, patterns and styles that are popular now. I had enough different types that I never had to repeat a triangle. I still have a lot of pieces left, so I'm thinking of making a quilt for the girls. Avery wore it yesterday and she looked fab! With some yellow saltwater sandals and a tank, adorable! I can't wait to show my grandma this skirt, she'll love it.

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Shannon said...

LOVE this! handmade items and vintage fabrics are some of my sweetest pleasures in life, I love how you combined them! you will have to keep this skirt for your Avery's daughter to wear one day and see how many generations can be dressed in these same fabrics.

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