with welcome arms (not a baby yet)

I woke up today is a great mood. I'm blogging about this becasue it's rare. It happened and 12:00am. It became JUNE.


A few things about June:
  • Whether it's on her due date, before, or after, another beautiful baby girl will join our family in June.
  • I haven't seen my mom or dad in forever (Thanksgiving) and I get to see them in June.
  • Baby 2K12 with be baptized, and I remember Avery's as one of the most special days of my life.
  • I will be done teaching June 8. And not just for the summer, for a while.
  • I'll start my new job: full time MOMMY in June.

This has nothing to do with June, but it's one of my favorite things about Avery. After her bath, and after a good hair washing (with a little bit of red face crying... hates the water in her eyes) I work on the tangles in the back of her head. She has this one section that sort of dreads after a vigorous nap and a sweaty day at the park. We comb her hair back like this. No part, just straight back. I'll comb it so much that it dries by the time I'm done. I kid you not, she looks exactly like my dad when I do this. They have the same hair and when my dad showers, he'll comb it back before he styles it. (He'd kill me for writing this I'm sure.) But last night her locks were flowing and after bible time with dad, I said, "Okay Jim Rhoads, let's go to bed." The fact that they both have amazing blue eyes helps with the similarities. I just adore her, and my dad.

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