nearly two

Dear A-train,

You are almost 2 years old. 2 YEARS!! How did this time go by so quickly? You are a bundle of energy, an infectious little lady with charm for days. You laugh till it hurts, you hug tightly and you demand kisses. You get upset, you grab at my leg, and you throw your sippy cup. You say your sorry and you tickle everyone's booty. You read Dr. Seuss, you nibble on your ba-ba, and you sing "rockabye baby." You use the potty, you love rice and beans, and you have better rhythm than your parents. You adore your sister, you have compassion when someone is sad, and you are learning to share. Your voice is like music, your hair golden ringlets, and your eyes that compete with crystal blue waters.

You, my darling girl, are so special to your dad and me. May you one day understand how you have made our lives so rich.


1 comment:

Shannon said...

so sweet! I love how the camera captures Avery's personality! such a fun little girl!

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