all in a day

Getting into a groove took a while for the girls and me but we have finally found it. It's so fun being home with them. I also love my life more because I get to see them discover it anew. Avery is delightful and feisty and Eliza loves to people watch. We try to do something each morning whether it's hitting up the park, crafting at home or having a play date. In the afternoon, or after Avery's nap we'll read, draw and usually run an errand. Around 4 I'll start getting dinner ready. It's a simple life, but so beautiful. It looks like this.

9:00- Friends come to play 

 This doll is Pepper. We love her. 

 11:00- We've had this pepsi thing for the longest time, finally found something to do with it

1:00- Take Eliza's weekly picture while A-train naps

 2:00- Post nap time is perfect for drawing, with our LEFT hand

3:00- Eliza is here, just chillin

5:00- Trying new recipes. This was bomb. Do it

7:00- The sunsets have been epic lately. God's artistic.

8:00- Marg for mama, whilst she does the dishes and the babies are fast asleep.


Sharon said...

This is great! I love the every-day. And Caleb's a lefty too ; )

Shannon said...

do tell, what is that unamed recipe?

scs said...

So sweet...our days look very similar :) Thanks for reminding me to be grateful and see the beauty in our daily routine. Love how you embrace and hold high the privilege of staying home to be a mama full-time. AND, HOLY HAIR, Eliza's has grown so long!

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