14 weeks

Too fast, that's all I have to say. When the pediatrician said at Eliza's 3 month appointment that next time we'll talk about starting solid food, I felt like it was an eternity before we entered that phase with Avery. This week was great, just like the one prior. I'm so in love with her. This past Monday would have been my first day back to teaching if we didn't decide for me to stay home with the girls. I don't know how I did it with Avery, but I'm so thankful that I don't have to with Eliza. Thankful is the theme of my life these days. Doing more and more tummy time, getting her out of her bouncy seat. We swaddle her legs at night cause I think she kicks herself awake sometimes, and it helps keep her warm. She had her three month appointment this past Friday and got two shots, took them well with only a few tears.

Fourteenth Week Highlights:

  • 3 month check up: 13 lbs & 7 oz :: 24 1/4 inches (75% in both)
  • Instead of a bunch of cat naps is starting to take a long nap while Avery sleeps. (read: mom time!)
  • Met her great grandpa and grandma Huerta from Virginia Beach
  • Started drooling a bit and sticking out her tongue
  • Her cousin Savannah Christa Rhoads was born!!! 

This cracks me up, working on her core already.

Outtakes. It was hard to pick just one!! 

And introducing... Savannah Christa Rhoads 


emily rhodes said...

LOVE everything in here, but especially the picture of eliza with the stuffed animals. classic. <3

The Zaballos Family said...

this i think is my favorite post of eliza!! all of those pics are amazing!!!!! seriously, she's so beautiful!! also, so is her new cousin, what a pretty baby!!! xoxo

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