24 weeks and thanksgiving

Twenty-fourth Week Highlights:

  • First thanksgiving
  • Eat bananas, brown rice cereal, butternut squash, red beans
  • Rolls over in bed and sleeps on her tummy
  • Pretty sure she said "da" the other day... just like Avery. Daddy's girl
  • I found Avery's old overalls and I can't.stop.taking.pictures

They have the best time together. I love when they play in Avery's crib after her nap. 

Thanksgiving 2012
The past two Thanksgivings, my parents drove from CA to spend the holiday with us. Yes, they DROVE! That's love right there. This year they has a feast in Fullerton and we cooked our first Thanksgiving in our new kitchen. (We moved into our renovated side in December.) It made all the difference in the world having the kitchen in the front of the house, and not the back. Sorry Mom! Last year she cooked the whole dang thing because I was so sick being preggers with Eliza and carried every dish to the front of our old shotgun house. You go girl. 

We had the usual for supper and Ken took great care with his turkey. He listened to an NPR piece about cooking the perfect turkey and I think it was delicious. All in all we had 8 people eating 

 my man, brining

 the spread: the china, the mason jars, the silver from my grandma Elmore, the twigs that avery picked, the flowers from the vacant house across the street.

 Ken being home for a long weekend meant extra time with Eliza. She soaked it up. 

 Eye twins
Avery made a chalk casserole

you go babe

After the feasting, and the overtired toddler went to bed, we did the most fun thing to me. A tradition of mine is to watch Home Alone and look through the ads for black friday sales. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the night. Then Luke and Ben started sining carols. I loved it.
On Friday Ken got a new drill for about half the regular price and we cleaned all the china for the next fancy meal.
A great Thanksgiving was had at Chez Kostrzewa this year. 

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