the things i say

There are definite moments in the day when I talk to Avery like she's 13. Like she understands my rationale. Maybe I thinks she's grown because her tantrums make me fear what puberty will bring, but that's another rabbit hole to go down. (Think about poor Ken with 3 women, say a pray for those 5 days each month please.) She'll demand that every box that is in the house, whether from the mail man or a shoe box, or more recently, our nativity set box is MEANT for her to open.

"No, myyyyy box!"
"What are you talking about, you didn't even know that box existed 5 minutes ago."

"Oh, yes mother, that makes rational sense. Thank you for pointing that out." 
"NOOOO MIIIIIINNNNNEEEE!!!" as her body falls ever so dramatically to the ground.

At night, she'll talk forever before falling asleep. Some nights it's cute. Some nights, it's annoying. (I love her, always. But I get annoyed.) Some nights it's 20 minutes, some nights it's 2 HOURS. When we don't come in when she first calls, she'll get louder and louder and the sweet "Mommys? Daddys?" turn into bass tones, "DAAAD! MOOOOM!!" On the tenth third visit to tell her it's time so sleep, I'm not always the sweetest, and the one her gave her that bass in her voice comes in, with purpose. I pretty much storm in at this point.

"Avery, are you hurt?"
"No mom."
"What do you need?"
"Avery ba-ba go? right there."
Pick up blanket.

"Okay, Avery. It's 10:00 (cause you can tell time) and you should be sleeping. You should have been sleeping since 8. If you wake up your sister (who sleep through hurricanes, literally, she slept through a hurricane) you'll be in trouble. And tomorrow, you need to sleep in till 9 (there is no clock in her room, still can't tell time), yes ma'am? "

"Yes mama. Love you."

"Love you too. Sleep in tomorrow."


She slept till 7:45. I'll take it. She gets me.

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