A couple years ago we were at my oldest brother's wedding, about a month away from Avery's birth, and my sister in law was dancing with her dad. She was even thoughtful enough to save part of the dance to share with my dad, which made everyone quite emotional. I looked over at Ken and I saw him tearing up. Ken doesn't cry really, only about a handful of times since I've known him. I, well, I cry almost everyday. Anyway, I asked him why he was crying and he goes, "I get to do this with our daughter one day, dance with her at her wedding." As if my 9 month pregnant self wasn't already raging with hormones that I barely knew what to do with, I started crying too. To this day, it is probably one of the sweetest moments we've shared together.

Two years later, and two daughters later, Ken often takes time to "dance" with his girls. My sentimental self sees this as practice for their big debut. I remember so fondly practicing with my dad just days before our wedding and he might deny it, but it was a short practice session because we both got a little choked up. For a girl, who loves her dad as I love mine, that dance was so special. I will always remember the moment when the Love Theme from the Godfather started playing and my dad and I danced and laughed with joy. I mean, we were dancing to a song from the Godfather... it was touching and hilarious.

I don't know what they'll dance to. But I do know that I'll be just a mess watching them, kinda like how I feel when I see them dance today.

Ken, our girls are lucky to have you as their dad.

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Sharon said...

Sweet! Funny, TJ had the same reaction when I was pregnant with Lilly...while watching Carly Shepard dance with her dad at her wedding. Dads are just big old sweethearts.

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