a crafty year

Ken and I have a mental list, a long list of things we want to do in the house. Our house is like a big craft and we could probably get some of these small projects done with some vision. So I vow, here and now, to get it done! This includes all the crafts that I've bought all the supplies for but have never actually done. Here's the short list for January:

  • make some art for the bathroom (Mel)
  • sew curtains for the front room (Mel)
  • buy a thick rug so Eliza stops knocking her head on the hardwood floor (both)
  • paint another coat of yellow on the kitchen window, white on the dining and living room windows (both)
  • organize the 6 bins of girls clothes so that they are in some logical order (Mel)
  • give away the clothes that neither of the girls have worn, along with toys that are not faves (Mel)
  • hang rod in the girls closet and install a shelf (Ken)
  • finish trim work in the bathroom (Ken)
  • design the Kostrzewa manifesto (both)

Of course I started with the most fun and easiest project- make some art for the bathroom.

I had all of these things in my big, messy craft box so it was a free project. 

The tray is from an old scrabble game that was missing a lot of pieces from a thrift store. 

And since I had everything out already, I made these for my mom to help her brag about her beautiful granddaughters. Aren't my nieces gorgeous? Sorry Savannah, I couldn't fit your name! Mom says that your parents call your Savi? Anyway, I put 4 magnets on each corner with some strong clue. Now when my mom prints a new picture of her girls, she can put them behind their block. 

 My tiny baby succulents were needing some love, so I made this one too. When I was a teacher, I would cover my walls with quotes, student work, or bright colors. I was told that my room didn't have any negative space, meaning that even if my students weren't paying attention (which happened often) they we're still being enriched with what was on the walls. I wonder if that's a really nice way of saying cluttered? Either way, I spend a lot of time staring at the kitchen window washing dishes and what not, so why not have something encouraging to look at; a reminder of how great the Lord is. 

I put this last because I did this after realizing that the bathroom art needed some sealing what with the moisture that was going on in there. And having a toddler who likes to wash her own hands, we have some splashing going on. It also added a nice finish to these little canvases. 

One down off the list! 


Shannon said...

LOVE these! I even pinned them! I'm pretty sure I'd absolutely love your house! I adore everything about the bathroom pic, from the beatboard, to the single flower in a jar, to the faucet, to the soap dispenser... perfection!

Shannon said...

LOVE these! I even pinned them. I'm pretty sure I'd love your house. I adore everything about the bathroom photo... from the walls, to the faucet, to the single flower in a jar, to the soap dispenser... perfection... you have impeccable taste!

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