29 weeks & g-parents visit

The weather has been so dreary lately, this was the best lighting I could get for her weekly picture. The fabric was picked out by Avery from our favorite costume shop. It will soon be made into a cape for Avery and Eliza for Mardi Gras! Eliza is doing great and we finally got some TEETH! She has these two little chompers on the bottom and they are just so cute. The process of getting them hasn't been cute, but I look at Avery's mouth full of teeth and I'm reminded that we survived that, so this should be find. Eliza is a lot more active lately, sitting up and making some serious moves to full on crawl. We found a food that she wasn't too crazy about- avocados. Which is fine, more for Avery who still inhales them! 

Twenty-ninth Week Highlights:
  • TEETH!! 
  • Spent 5 days with Grandma and Grandpa from CA
  • Sitting up better everyday
  • Army crawls all over the place

My parents had the best time getting to know their little Eliza. Last time they saw her she was only 6 weeks old and basically sleeping the whole time. This was a whole new baby to them! 

 Grandma logged it tons of floor time
 and tons of snuggles

When we dress her like this, we call her Elliot. 

1 comment:

Rachel O. said...

Oh is she just a doll or what! And those facial expressions.. too stinkin' cute!

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