37 weeks

We're getting ready for the greatest day... Dr. Seuss' birthday! Eliza was too busy reading, so in proper tribute to the man, she posed this way. How appropriate, Eliza!

In other news, Eliza is pulling up on whatever she can and making small attempts at walking. She loves to crawl over to the shoes, just like Avery did. She has started taking an interest in books, like turning pages and pointing to different objects on the page.

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scs said...

Was thinking of you guys today when I saw it was Dr. Seuss' birthday! One of these years I'll have to take my cues from y'all and celebrate it with my boys. Love following your cutie-pies as they grow. And that sweet post about Ken for his birthday. The other night we were at a church dinner and Kelly Scott came up to me and Kevin and said, "Ken recetnly texted me: 'Now that I have kids, I finally know why you eat so fast!'" We all had a knowing chuckle over that one :)

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