After a 7 year absence, the dark ages, our favorite show returned in a most unique way and we were so intent on watching, catching every inside joke, and soaking up our favorite TV family, that we got a baby sitter. Seriously, to watch TV. That's how good this show is. Our dear friends went above and beyond and hosted the best watching party with appropriate appetizers and drinks. And would you believe that almost everyone who came dressed up? And would you believe there was blue paint on the walls? And two grown men wore cut offs? Needless to say, we got to know Paul and David a little bit better last night. Enough with the blabber, to the pictures!

 Even down to the socks with sandals, this guy was spot on. And he pretty much spoke in Tobias quotes all night. Hilarious. 
And he blue himself. 

 Tobias and the help, LUPE!!!

 So then you have this guy, who shaved his HEAD for the night. Both Tobias' say they're getting rid of their shorts after this event...

Son of a... EVERY TIME! Some how they got one of these, even though they're banned in the U.S.

A one, Maggie Lizer. (I'm blind! I'm wasted!)

A martini for Lupe. Don't tell Lucille. 

Another shot of this guy. 

I about nearly peed my pants when I saw this, all over the house. 

"Up here, Michael, I'm up here!" - Kitty

Martini Bar!! 

Isn't Ken the most perfect George Michael? He shaved his beard, after 3 years of growth for this night. I think he looks just like him. 
And I was... her? Really? 
"Illusion, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money... or cocaine." 

 Ken, George Michael, serving frozen bananas. PERECT!

And guys, no spoilers here but it's hilarious. And if it's not hilarious, then you probably need to watch seasons 1-3 again, just saying. 
We're kinda AD snobs. 


Julie K said...

Wow! You guys had it spot on! Those are the best costumes :)

Nathan Griffin said...

I want to ask about George Michael's girlfriend Egg, "Her?"

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