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It's been like crickets on the blog, and don't even get me started on Eliza's weekly photo which only has 3 weeks left, and I'm about 6 weeks behind. I think it's kinda defeating the purpose if they aren't taken on the correct day. Anyway, here we go. 
The (ever so exciting) happenings at chez Kostrzewa: 

Easily one of my favorite things Ken does. He's been doing this since Avery was a newbie. 
Also, no matter how down I might be, makes me giggle. 

We had mother's day like all the mothers out there and it was nice, but you should see the outtakes to get this picture. 
I think Avery had just finished saying, "But I don't want to take a piiiiiccture with yooouuuu!" 

It would be dishonest not to include this little lovely I caught the other day to update ken when he sent his mid morning, "how's it going babe?" text. We have been going at it lately. To the left you have morning, and to the right you have a post nap popsicle on the porch. We like to acknowledge the good and the bad here, because those throw down on the ground tantrums made those 20 minutes of calm on the porch that much sweeter. 

Eliza has followed her sister in loving blueberries. Her mom doesn't care for what it does to her diapers. And, moms, do you pick up constantly throughout the day? I normally do, but this day I said, "oh, let the mess reign" and by 11:00 my house was like this. It drove me nuts. 

Another one to the moms. Baby hair regrowth. The exact same thing happened with Avery, just as the girls were approaching their first birthday, my hairstyle is approaching a style what was popular among our founding fathers. Seriously, the wings of mercury. When I straighten my hair, these little doobers stick straight up, or to the side. There is very little hope. 

Avery lost her books last week, due to an unfortunate tantrum that manifested itself in ripping up about 5 of her favorite books, not to mention one that Ken had when he was a little kid. We are slowly adding a book at a time back into the fold, and when she got her Jesus Storybook Bible back, it was a wonderful 30 minutes of Avery exploring the stories she loves, and her telling me about how Jesus died  on the cross because he loves us. It's amazing how the timing of that hit me hard, that even in this rough toddler season, the gospel is still true. 


Avery is determined to get Eliza walking. I think that's why Eliza has been sleeping till 8:45 the past couple mornings, she's exhausted from the Avery Kostrzewa Walking Boot Camp. 

My peanut, my baby. Still wearing 6 month onesies, standing all the time, and sleeping in. Making words and pointing to daddy and doggies and making the most adorable "ooohhhhh" face. I can't believe she'll be one in three weeks. 

There you have it. Life lately. Looking forward to summer trips and visits, an anniversary getaway with my man of 5 years of wedded bliss, and some Rhoads family time at the lake. For New Orleans folks, do you like how summer has made itself known via the weather already? 
I'm definitely purchasing one of the classy plastic pools and parking it in the front and we will be dipping frequently. 
Feel free to stop by for a popsicle. 

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KJWetz said...

I love your blog. It is sweet and true and funny. Your hair photo is a work of art! This morning, I walked past plans growing from seeds: bachelor buttons, cosmos, zinnias and I wondered if your zinnias were blooming yet? I miss the neighborhood like mad, but Chicago is good. Blessings!

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