The Rhoads children like to do things the same way. We all got married in August, in consecutive years, and we all decided to have baby girls. In 2012, Jack, Steve, and I planned our to have our babies 3 months apart. We planned for them to be knock outs. We planned for them to live in three different states only to make visits and reunions really difficult for grandma and grandpa.

Not really, but hey. Whatever.

Last week we got to meet Savannah and oh my heavens, she is a beauty. From the moment I saw her, I wanted to hold her and never let go. She's a dream baby. It's hard to say what's my favorite feature of her face: her deep blue eyes with long dark lashes or her perfect dimple on her right cheek. As much as I loved her, Eliza was so happy the whole time. She rarely cried all week and she was often found petting Savannah's head. Telling an 11 month old to be gentle doesn't really work, but Savannah was a good sport about it. We hit up the town with 3 littles in tow and they all did great. It was so much fun having the Rhoads family in town! Come back already!

 We'd like some bananas please!

 Eliza containing her petting for 3 seconds


 Avery trying to get some Savannah, but I think Eliza is winning this one

 "Savannah! You're pulling away!"

 "I just love you so much!"

 "Oh mom, what's the clicking sound?" as Avery swoops in. Like I said, Savannah was a good sport. 

Thanks for coming Steve, Sandy and Savannah! 

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