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Eliza is growing up so fast. She's saying "da da" and what I think is "nom, nom" when she's hungry. She does the sign for "more" exactly the way Avery did. Not the was it's technically suppose to be. She does really well at the park, climbing up and swinging with her sister.

She had an ear infection last week, her first "sick" visit at the doctors. She's still a tiny peanut, 20lbs and 30 inches. She eats just about everything we eat for supper. She takes three bottles throughout the day, and so far is not the biggest fan of a sippy cup. We started putting shoes on her so she could feel them when she walks along things like at the park. I thought she'd be more interested in walking, but she'll probably walk around the time when Avery did.

Eliza, we love her dearly, but she's a handful at times. She cries a bit in the morning before her first nap, probably because I'm busy doing things around the house. She just loves to be held, and that's more than okay, she's a baby. But I guess I'm so used to Avery being really independent from the beginning. It feels like her first birthday is right around the corner!

You are the cutest little thing girly! 

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