flashback // avery 15 months

When Avery was 3 months old, I went back to work full time. Meaning I left the house while she was still sleeping, and came home only a couple hours before she went to bed. We had a friend who watched her, but quite frequently, the flexibility of Ken's schedule at the time allowed him to stay home with her. And he's a FUN dad. Always outside with his girls, hitting up parks and going on walks. If he had a lunch meeting, he brought Avery with him. He just loves her so much. Of course Eliza too, but Avery and dad are super close, and I think that will always be true. Probably closer than her and I are, and I don't say that to feel sad, it makes me really happy. It's so valuable for girls to have close relationships with their dads. Nothing could be more true of these two. 

Last night Ken worked late, and the girls had been put to bed. When he walked in, after a mini bouquet of flowers were handed to me, he says, "Is Avery already asleep?" "Yes, about 20 minutes ago." "Shoot, I wanted to see her." Avery often stirs in the early hours of her "bedtime" and we have to go in the room and kindly remind her that clapping in bed will wake up her sister. When she started doing this, Ken was thrilled because it meant he got to see her. 

These pictures were sent to me from a friend from back in the day. It's probably just me, but can't you just tell how much he loves her? 

photos by Harris Martinson < http://www.flickr.com/photos/hmartinson >

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