51 weeks

Hey little peanut- you're almost one! And almost done with these pictures! 
Maybe that's why you're smiling so big here! 

Little peanut had her first stomach bug, given to her by her sister and then passed along to mom. We were a mess for a few days over here; luckily dad remained healthy. She was a sad little lady, sleeping so much and eating so little. She's already tiny, but she barely had anything by pedialyte in her system for three days- she look even smaller. We're all better though, yeah! 

Avery likes to point out everything she likes on our walks to Eliza. 
I get the feeling no one is going to mess with Eliza with Avery as a big sister. :)

This girl makes me so happy. I love her little whispies of hair that form around her ears. I love her gibber gabber when she's focused on playing with her toys. I love how she snuggles us when she's tired. It's been a fun time watching her turn into a little girl from a baby. 

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natasha {schue love} said...

Can't believe she's almost a year old!! Crazy how fast this year has flown by!! Sending lots of love xo

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