embrace the heat

I can stay inside all day. I can watch TV for hours on end. I will sit in my AC and check instagram till the cows come home. I will eat whenever I want. But, there are the littles that need some activity. And then there's my pregnant self that needs exercise. And then there's the daily thunderstorm that happens in the matter of minutes, like blue skies and then, crack- downpour. And then with that comes high 90s and 100% humidity. But you know what, we embrace it all. Or at least we try. I sweat all day, or so it seems. Thankfully in my countless attempts to just make them take great naps, which is kinda the only reason we leave the house, I think they've had some fun experiences, maybe with some culture. We have found all the free fun that New Orleans has to offer, some of this free fun involved mooching off of friends who have a zoo pass, but, ya know. 

Cause the little peanut has been climbing on everything, and will get herself in the worst situations and I have mild heart palpitations when I turn and see her. I find the playground wonderful, but I do see why Eliza does this when she comes home because that's all I try to get her to do at the park, so it only makes sense that she would do this at home, right? 

NOMA is free on Wednesdays and we just happen to be in mid city when I realized this, so we went. The girls did great, and Avery saw this and said, "Jesus has water on his head!" She walked around the museum with a pamphlet like she knew where she was going. Maybe she did. 

Avery loves the blue dog, so we had to go to the sculpture garden to find him. We were, however, closely followed by a security guard and the second Avery put her hand on him, this lady yells, "no touch the sculptures!" Geez. 

By the time we ended up at this great park near the museum, it was HOT. Like you couldn't stand for too long because your feet got too hot. Eliza likes to do EVERYTHING her sister does, no fear with this little one. 

Found some ducks on the way back to the car, and no geese. The geese at city park are crazy, and I get a little bit nervous around them.

The zoo with friends! So thankful for friends who let us be their "guests." We need to get a pass stat to the zoo, I would go at least once a week. 

Eliza loves animals, when then can't come too close to her. The zoo was a pointing "ohhhh" fest for her. Her faves were the flamingos and the HUGE gorilla. Have you seen the dad gorilla? Scary big. 

This girl, I mean. I love. She drives me nuts, and we have some hard moments, but she makes me so happy. She got the giggles at lunch after the zoo and I just loved seeing her overflow with joy. 

And the naps after the museums and then after the zoo the next day? Epic. Both still sleeping when dad came home. Culture and near heat exhaustion, that's how we do it. 

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