life according to my iphone

Telling me all about her day at school. 
She's becoming a pretty compassionate kid. I had to go to the doctor, cause pregnant women are constantly going to the doctor, so the girls went to a friends house. 
So I tell Avery, "Mom has to go the doctor." 
"Oh, are you okay mom? Are you sick?"
"No honey, I have to go for the baby."
"Oh NO! Is cereal okay? Is she sick?"
"No, they want to make sure she's healthy. So mom has to get a couple shots."
"Oh, well you can use my princess bandaids when you get home for your boo boo."

All of the sudden, it seems, they understand so much. Sheesh. 

This dress was my mom's, made for by my grandma. She looks like Annie, up until the eye patch was added. She wanted to be a pirate earlier in the day, so good thing because I was about to dye her hair red. Ken came home from work to this face going, "Arrggghh!" No bad if you ask me. 

The Peanut likes to steal sips of my green shake (apple, lemon, spinach, mango, kale) and makes the most horrible faces when she does, but then goes back for more. 

 This girl is not good at hide and go seek, the eye patch doesn't even help. 

Ken put in this window above our bed, and I just love it because sometimes the moon shines so bright, it can light up the room.
This is him reading to me. Swoon. 

I have been doing Avery's hair before school, and I LOVE it! I normally could care what her hair looks like, but I don't want it to bother her during the day, so I usually pull in back or put it in pig tails. But her single pony makes this big ringlet and I can't help myself!
I take too many pictures. 

I'm not a mean mom. This was after I held her for a while and told her that sissy would be home soon and that we were going to have fun at home, just the two of us, but she just doesn't like dropping off sissy at school, not one bit. We go for a walk, so I can get some exercise before it gets too hot, after dropping off Avery, so I played some Les Mis from my phone and she felt better.
But, I mean, this picture. With the empty seat next to her.
Maybe hearing Marius sing, "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" consoled her. Someone gets it. 

Oh dang, a bump picture. In my 30th week, I caught a glimpse at the one mirror in the house that shows my belly, and dang. Ain't no high-def happening here, keeping things real discrete, black and white even. This could be the only one. When did it get so big? 

It so great to read to her, like a longer book. She just loves to be read to, and has pretty good comprehension.
I ask her questions after, typical ELA teacher.

hey life, you're pretty fun!  

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