We have nooks in our house. We don't have a play room, so we have nooks. The girls respond pretty well to these nooks, and when they each need their corners, cause literally yesterday I felt like I was a referee trying to separate the over anxious 3 year old and the "i have to do everything my big sister does" 1 year old. So, nooks.

Obviously, Eliza's favorite: our book nook. We took the bottom shelf of our tall book case and dedicated it to their books. It has worked out nicely, and if you ever can find the Peanut, look at the book nook. If there was a pillow over there, she's probably fall asleep with a book in hand.

And this face, I think she looks like my brother Steve. Anyway.

As a semi-retired elementary school teacher, I had a lot of school supplies when I left last year, and I saved all the good art supplies for my future children. Well, the future is now! But it was cluttered, and messy, and at the end of art time with Avery, I would have tossed it all because pencils and markers were rolling off the counter at a rapid rate and ended up in the mouth of that "i have to to everything my big sister does" 1 year old.

Then I found these tubes in the recycle, and thought they were a good size for sorting out things.

So became the simplest craft, with no need for details, just pictures. Cause who doesn't love pictures. 

I have found that our "time" is when I'm making dinner. You know that time, and both girls neeeeeed mom, and neeeeed to be held or neeeeeed to be entertained. So, Avery has this art nook and Eliza has the book nook.

Now, all our problems are solved. Next up, world hunger.

FUN FACT: this is my 300th blog post! and Avery's first day instagram was my 1,000th insta-post!
Let's raise a glass to over sharing and social media!

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