the zoo today

We went to the zoo!
Only about 7 people were there, so SCORE!

Belly-belle was there, can barely see my toes! Yeah 34 weeks!

I was pretty excited about this, I forgot that they had one here.
I assumed the girls would share my sentiment. Thankfully we were the only ones on it... 
 so when this face turned to tears, the guy stopped it, and we got off. 
Avery then watched it for a while, assessing the situation. One day she'll concur it. 
That day was not today.
 They do have an excellent park there, so, a win!

 I packed a lunch for us and we enjoyed it in the shade

 With full bellies- to the monkeys! 

 It was like the zoo was just for us. Very fun.

 The favorite was the giraffes. Eliza went nuts. 

Then we made our way home and napped like this guy. 

We love the zoo!!

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