pumpkin spice lattes does not mean it's fall

The rain came last night, and with it I hoped for cooler temperatures. Things dropped maybe 5 degrees? It says 88 degrees, but feels like 100. Yesterday, said 93, feels like 104. Progress! I don't know, seeing all these people wearing beanies and sweaters, and, for goodness sake, a long sleeve t-shirt on instagram, I decided to dress the girls for fall. I'm a little worried Avery will be a sweaty mess when I pick her up from school. I really want a pumpkin spice something but I don't know if that would be fair, you know, sweating while drinking it. It's not all bad, HOW CUTE IS ELIZA IS JEGGINGS? AND AVERY'S LONG LEGS? I just, they're too much. Raisin is so lucky. (Raisin is the baby's name, obviously. Avery changed it from Cereal a couple weeks ago.)

I hope this week went by quickly for you all, it did for us and I'm grateful. Weekends are when we go big at Chez Kostrzewa. We do fun things, we dance and sing a lot, Ken and the girls RUN up and down the house a lot, we go to church and then watch the Saints game. It's just the best. Monday's usually blow, but I gave myself a project and it went by so fast. (Our friend was in town last week who helped up organize the guest room and after throwing away stuff that had the title "i could maybe use this for some crafty thing, like, in the future" I now have a sewing space; and I spent 3 hours there last night.)

Okay, other things that make me smile, and if you think about it, you'll smile too. 

1. When a car lets you into their lane when there's traffic and you have the moment of acknowledgment with a simple hand raise (not a wave, just a raise) and you feel like, Hey, people aren't that bad! This happened TWICE this morning. Really great. 

2. When your daughters get to the age where they "chat" before bed. About an hour went by and I go in there to see if they were sleeping and Eliza goes, "Hi ma!" and Avery giggles. You kinda want to join the conversation, but they might be talking about you, and they deserve that time. So, you leave with a stupid grin on your face. 

3. When your belly is so big you can rest your toddlers booty on it like a shelf when you hold them, and then the baby kicks. 

4. Finding online coupon codes that actually work! 

5. When you drop off your kid at school, and one of the girls says "Avery's here!" and then Avery goes, "Hey!" But then still turns around to give you a kiss goodbye. (insert own child's name.)

6. When you're 15 month old is entertained with dad's contact solution box that she pulled out of the bathroom trash for a solid 15 minutes.

7. When you say it's time to go, and your 15 month old races to the box of shoes by the door only to grab hers and yours. (This also happens when they want to go somewhere, but you're not really going anywhere.) 

8. When movies quotes are applicable in your everyday life.

9. When you buy groceries, and you impulsively toss a couple Airheads in the mix, and then you put them in a random drawer in your kitchen, and then you find them a week later and the exact moment that you want something sweet. (Watermelon is the tops.)

update: avery was a sweaty mess.

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