what's been going on, you ask?

we've been dancing on the porch

 double front facing cruising

 taking selfies in the library

 dressing up for black and gold day at school
...and i didn't realize Eliza is wearing Falcons colors so I'm very sorry. when i dropped off Avery at school, I thought all the moms spent a few hours the night before painting hearts and dots in gold paint and sewing a skirt from some old yoga pants??? only like 5 other kids in the school were decked out.

oh hey, THAT mom. 

 marveling at the clouds these days!!
 and these!!

 browsing some books at the library

 and trying real hard to narrow it down to 5 books to check out

 finding dogs, in EVERY book

 and then climbing, trying to hide from Avery

 smiling... oh gosh, her smile

 sleeping and being stalked by mom

 and on the less glamorous side of things...
my knees have been sweating, that's how hot it is

 taking time outs from the stroller because, well, you know how sisters can be

 and then hugging/tackling/throwing down

 going on donut dates, and this girl has so many stories. real and not real. 

getting ourselves dress, from head to toe. oh ave. 

and maybe the best is this:
finding this CD and listening to it while driving home from my doctors appointment with a diet dr. pepper, without the kiddos.
and hearing that BK3 is doing great.

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Emily Young said...

Think it's time for shorts Mel!

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