wish list for baby 3

I think I wanted a boy, just so I could justify filling my house with light blues and cute sneakers, but since we're having a third little lady, there is literally nothing new we need. A huge blessing to our budget, but I can't help but see all these new baby styles and gadgets out there and keep myself from kinda wanting them ALL for this little girl. I also like most of these companies as they were created from stay at home moms who dreamed and worked their tails off to start a business while raising their kiddos. (Except Strawfoot) If I had a niche, I would attempt the same.

Anyway, here are 5 things for baby that I think are GREAT. 

We've all seen these, yes? 
I just think they're adorable, and the owner of the company seems so down to earth. Her story is pretty inspiring, and those colors are too much! I'm partial to the pink ones, but considering they're not cheap, I would get the brown ones so they could be worn with anything. 

This girl, who makes these leggings, designs the fabric herself. She has a bunch of other styles that are from actual paintings she has in her house. It makes all her styles very unique. I think these peony flowers are so soft and delicate, perfect for a baby girl. 

This company is owned by a friend on mine from college, and Ken has a dopp kit by him, and I can say first hand, it's quality. This bag is my kind of diaper bag. I'm not big into typical diaper bags because, well, I rarely even carry a purse. We carry cloth diapers in a wet bag that has a front part for dry diapers and a back part for dirties. This often leaves us unprepared when a kid is hungry or has an accident. Our bad. But this bag? I mean, it would come in handy long after our diaper bag days are through. 

I mean, it's pretty obvious why I like this. How clever? 

Oh, the different types of wraps and carriers there are out there. This, however, will be a necessity for #3 seeing how they don't make strollers with 3 seats, yet. We loved using the ergo for Eliza; she seemed to like it a lot more than Avery did. I tried making a wrap like this for Eliza, but the fabric wasn't tight enough to keep her safely snug. People seem to love this wrap. 

I think I spend too much time online window shopping, but these companies are all great from what I have read, and even though they might be a little more costly than something from Target, you're supporting an american made company which makes it worth it. 

If you're a first time mom, put these on your wish list! :)

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Sarah Noel said...

That bag is REALLY fantastic.
When I added my second, it was the double stroller that made all the difference for me!

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