#3 will not be named Karen

When I was pregnant with Eliza, I worried about all the change that was going to take place once she came. I would never have any time for Avery, I would be just too overwhelmed to enjoy anything. It's horrible that I thought those things, because in all honesty, she made our family better. She added so much joy, even more joy than we had with Avery. So, I get a lot of looks these days. Especially in the grocery store. Eliza likes to yell, only when in the grocery cart. It's quite strange; I really should just give her some crackers or something, but needless to say, we're already cruising in a fire truck (or police car, depending) and I'm pretty huge at this 35 week point. (My theories also include that #3 is big, or bigger than Eliza. Hopefully not bigger than Avery. Either way, big.) We're not to a freak-show point yet, that will probably happen with I shop with all 3, but the looks happen. Mainly because I'm too tired to get Eliza to stop yelling. She's completely happy, jubilant in fact, but loud. Avery just laughs at her, and then sometimes Avery whispers in Eliza's ear, "Peanut, I see a dog!" which then prompts Eliza to emphatically start saying, "DUH DUH DUH!!" while pointing at everything. (punchline- there are no dogs anywhere to be seen.) Can you picture this? 

Today, Eliza crawled up into the glider we just acquired from a friend and I placed a stack of books next to her, and she contently read with such focus that I spent a good 10 minutes just staring at her, thinking, how can this family be a family it we didn't have Eliza? And that got me thinking, when #3 joins us (soon, I hope) we will quickly learn her, love her, and discover her sweet and precious role that only she can hold in our family. I'm actually looking forward to it, rather than fearing "how crazy it's going to be."

I'm ready for this adventure. 

I couldn't think of a title, and this was just on my mind really. Karen, you know, that tropical storm/hurricane/couple days of heavy rain that's suppose to come knock on our door? Well, we're not really worried, just to be clear. I mainly wanted to post the above picture of Eliza because, I mean, you get it. I had the camera turned around and you can see that she is quite pleased with how she stole Avery's birthday hat. 

I think this post confirms any notion that I had that I was experiencing pregnancy brain, because none of these paragraphs have much to do with the other.

Okay, happy weekend! Stay dry! 

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