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A birthday celebration for a most special girl, our Avery Elizabeth who entered our lives and changed our world 3 years ago.
We adore her, we're proud of her, and can't go a day without cracking up at the hilarious and crazy things she says. 

3 years of of life, 3 days of celebrating

Our ice cream man is a gem of a guy. Avery, from very young would race to the window of our doors to catch a glimpse of him driving by as his playful tune came closer. He started ringing a bell every time he saw her. Then came Eliza, who finds great joy in what Avery finds great joy in, so in the window of 4 and 6pm every evening, you'll find both girls, hands flat against the glass, eyes peeled on the ice cream man with shouts and squeals of delight. After over two years of his kind acknowledgements, we decided to actually buy some ice cream. Avery thought it was so cool, and she picked a most patriotic popsicle. And then we dined in the backyard under lights and the calm night sky. 

Per the birthday girl's request, we went to La Boulangerie before church for blueberry muffins, her all time favorite. 

After church and naps, we went to the zoo and dad got to come with us! The weather was kind, and the animals were calm. We mostly enjoyed being together as a family, and commenting on, "how old she looks" as she walked in front of us to tell us what animal we were seeing, each time. For memory sake, her favorites are the big monkey (gorilla) and the rhino. 

On the eve of her birthday, I was laying in bed thinking about how crappy I was feeling at that point 3 years ago, awaiting my labor to progress, and I immediately got up thankful that it all turned out so well, and then proceeded to blow up 30 balloons to cover the house in her favorite colors for the morning. It was a hit, with both girls. 

Her day- her outfit- her breakfast of choice- her new scooter. I don't think I'm a control freak, but I usually wouldn't pick this outfit, this breakfast, or this scooter if I was selecting things, but it was her day, so every part of it was her. Bright, sugary sweet, and princess filled. And then, she goes up to her name banner and tells me what each letter is and spells her name repeatedly. When did she learn to do that? 

While my monkeys napped, I made some cupcakes for Avery to share at school the next day. They looked waaaay cuter than they tasted. 

My favorite picture of the day.
She loves that scooter and tries so hard to do it right. That night, we had friends over for cake and the Saints game. She stayed up as late as she wanted and shocked us when she behaved like a doll the whole time. No tantrums, nothing. She picked out this cake and it pleased the crowd. She loved the attention, and we loved giving it to her. 

I will always cherish this celebration of her third birthday. I feel like it's the first one that is their day. A first birthday is for the mom, let's be honest. And for a cute picture of cake smashing. The second birthday, they still don't really know what's going on so again, the mom can control the situation. But this time, she had an opinion. She knew what was going on, and I think her face in last blurred one shows a girl who had a few days of pure joy. I know everyone thinks their kid is funny, but Avery has quite the sense of humor. I could write down all the proof I have, but just take my word for it. Girl is funny. 

She is also compassionate. A trait we couldn't be more proud of. She cares for Eliza and worries when she cries. She tells me everything will be okay when I'm crying (which happens daily- so pregnant.) and says, "do you want daddy? he'll be home soon." She just makes me melt. I talked with her teacher briefly today and she told me the sweetest story of how Avery cares for a little boy in the class who is terribly shy. She holds his hand when they go out to the playground. She makes sure that he's happy. Apparently on the days that Avery doesn't go to school, he's quite secluded from the rest of the class and it takes a lot for him to participate. But when Avery is there, the teacher don't have to do anything for him, because Avery, as the teacher said, "nurtures him." And then I got back in my car and cried again. People need to be more aware of what they say to a pregnant woman. :)

In short, we can't wait to see her personality develop even more, and her heart grow to love others. 

We love you, Avery! 

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emily rhodes said...

yes, i've been anxiously awaiting this sweet recap of the ave's big day. SO glad and grateful that i could be a small part of the celebration. love y'all.

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