so that was halloween

We were Juno and Paulie Bleeker. It might have been 5 years too late because it took a while for people to get it, and some people thought I was Waldo... but it was fun putting it all together. Have you guys used freezer paper to stencil? Oh, you must. You can make anything, like Ken's shirt. The only critic- Ken's shorts needed to be shorter. Yikes. 

I had this pumpkin conspiracy going. That like all other holidays, American consumerism took carving pumpkins and made it this "fall bucket list" thing and it annoyed me greatly. I could probably find a lot of other things to bother me, but I found myself so annoyed with pumpkin patch pictures, pumpkin spice lattes, everything orange, yellow and red, leaves falling, you get it. But hey, it was all good fun in the end, and we bought our pumpkins from the grocery store. But, I thought a carved pumpkin would last more than a few days? We carved on Saturday and by Wednesday they were all moldy and gross.

You know, I thought this baby was going to be here by now, but she's comfy and happy where she is. I didn't make many plans for a costume, so we borrowed Avery and Eliza's from a friend and it was perfect. We didn't get a picture of Eliza, opps. But, there is Halloween! 

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