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Today I printed out a birth plan. The same one used for Eliza. It was surreal.
Yesterday I folded tiny onesies, next to 18 month shirts and pants, next to a pile of hello kitty underwear, and I realized I will be folding laundry for the rest of my life. And it was good.

I went to a bridal shower over the weekend and put on make up, and did some weird braid thing with my hair, so I felt that noteworthy.

The other day, or should I say, everyday, Eliza likes to accompany me to the bathroom. If you see this blue bead board in any of these pictures, it's from the bathroom. I've accepted not having any privacy.

Last week I took both girls to the doctor with me, and with all things considered, then did pretty well. The most awkward part was other people's reactions to see me with two littles, and a huge belly. You know, like every day when I'm told I'm crazy.

 At the park last week, I tried this and neither was a fan.

After a first attempt, which apparently resulted in a weird smile, Avery had to do retakes. And then this came out. I was not prepared to pick them up last week. How can anyone prepare themselves for their baby's first school picture?
I say school, but it's like 9 hours a week, but it counts. 
I'm a fan. She has the cutest head, and I'm obsessed with her ears. 

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petal and plume said...

precious moments! your blog is lovely.

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