the girl with two due dates

Sometime back in February when I had this hunch that I was pregnant... again, I casually made an appointment, after about 8 negatives tests, and 1 positive one thinking, "this can't really be happening..." I was told that this little bean in my belly was going to magically turn into a human by November 8. And then I cried uncontrollably for quite some time.

Then, that all-too-nerve-wracking 20 week ultrasound happened and we were pleased to be told that we had an extremely healthy girl, measuring a tad bigger than the original due date, and was then told that October 29 would be a more accurate arrival day.

We should all know that due dates should be taken with a grain of salt. A strong projection of the "time" in which you should expect your baby to come. So, with that being said- I could either be 37 weeks pregnant this Friday, or 39 weeks. Or, well, who really knows.

Our house doesn't have any full length mirrors. This is not for any reason deeper than we just never bought one. I'm quite fond of what I see in two mirrors we do have that show about half of my body. Today at the zoo I saw my reflection in a full length mirror (yes, the zoo. who knows why they had a full length mirror) and holy belly bump, I'm currently in the bulbous state. I think she's dropped, or is getting too big to hang out near my rib cage as much, but I'm look like all baby these days, a basketball under my shirt type of thing. Today is the first time I actually feel like she'll be here soon. Soon could mean a couple weeks, a few days, a month... soon is very relative, but the acknowledge of the pending deadline is feeling very real today. In fact, before I put Avery down for her nap just now, I pulled out a cozy muslin swaddle blanket from the closet as the first step towards packing our hospital bags. And now I'm blogging, so that went real far, but that first step- it's huge.

And now I'm making these mental lists. Not of what to pack in the bags, but rather what I want to do before she comes. Like, we need pumpkins! We need to carve those pumpkins! I need to go Christmas shopping! I need a pedicure!

What's great about being in this space is that you don't get offended if someone says you're huge. I'm not being sarcastic. At the store, the clerk said, "Ooohhhh! You're about to pop!" and I, with great enthusiasm said, "I KNOW, RIGHT!?!" It's a good space to be in.

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