christmas for the kostrzewas (in pictures)

the happiest little girls on christmas morning. the loudest too. 
christmas dresses // grandma rhoads came from CA!!!
all the monkeys wanted to be on the bed // date night with grandma in town!
peanut learning to color // showing off their new robes to grandpa on FaceTime 
i mean, ivy just is this cute // the circus tent- is grandpa k trying to imply something?

our first time flying with three! 
ivy was the best passenger // practice with headphones the night before
eliza with the best seat // wearing my AEI necklace and my New Orleans skyline from Ken

We landed after two flights in Virginia! I was shocked at how well the girls did, how gracious the flight attendants were, and how they make concessions for our situation. We didn't have to wait in line for security check, boarded first, and were fortunate to have people switch seats so we could be near each other. It was good, I was thrilled. 

 ken loves to take selfies // christmas dresses take two for Denis' party
i'm obsessed with little girls in velvet // ivy got her first cardigan, a gold one no less! 

the steve kostrzewa family, where avery had too much to drink. not really. 
pretty sisters // same height brothers
doting aunties and uncle // from lunch- grandpa frank and cousins 
 a trip to the zoo // ivy meets grandpa
zoo again // when eliza decided she wanted to sleep on me one night

after a rousing game of phase 10. love these sweet sisters. 

 christmas lights galore! eliza didn't want to leave // smiles from the baby
the oldest one, looking old // a ski bunny in training

New Orleans bound!

 the perfect baby // with lips that i can barely handle
not ivy, but eliza on the plane. i love that she'll still sleep in my arms // we only took one bag! just under 50 pounds too.


That was Christmas. I again was moved by the love from our families. Having my mom fly out was awesome. She baked, cooked a most delicious Christmas Eve dinner, gave gifts that were perfect, and love love loved my girls. She held Ivy and gave us a break, and a date too! Nothing beats having your mom around. Thanks mom!

In Virginia, every family member we saw showered us with care. Ken's mom watched Ivy each night so Ken and I could hang with friends and family. She even set up a photo shoot for our family which was lovely. Ken's grandma also had a magical touch with Ivy that was so special. She held her for most of the party we went to Friday night. I could go on and on, but we were loved and we got to relax. Thanks grandma and granddaddy! 

Hope you had a great Christmas too! 

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natasha {schue love} said...

You seriously amaze me!! You must write a post about traveling with three kiddos. How did you entertain them? I get worried just traveling with one!! Happy New Year Mama!! You have one beautiful family!! xo

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