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I sat down during that magical hour wherein each daughter was sleeping, with the intention of writing a blog post about, well, what usually ends up here- the random thoughts in my head. But I took great delight in these pictures from the past week, and I thought they belonged here- my virtual scrapbook, because I don't have any actual scrapbooks. Not even baby books! Oui vey, let's hope the internet never implodes, or something like that. 

Princess E and A, devouring bacon. That morning, they ate more than Ken. 
In fact, they quite regularly eat more than Ken does. 
 I started playing softball when I was 5, so 18 months and 3 seemed appropriate. 

 In hoodies or dresses, we ball. 

 When the baby become a toddler, and things as such. I can't believe how old she looks these days. 
Ivy wore a dress, and not pajamas! I try to get a picture of the girls before church, but Eliza seems to HATES posed pictures these days. Evident from a few attempts while we were in Virginia, out of 7 grandkids, she was THAT one. Oh peanut.

Ivy- Sorry that I have mom brain and while I was filing out this "get it together mom" calendar (actually what it's called, dollar spot at target folks) and multiple times, I wrote Eliza when I should have put Ivy. You know I love you. 

 Everyone needs a tent! I always wanted one of those trendy teepees, but a circus tent is way more fitting in our house. Today I thought Eliza was reading on the couch, and then I found her trying to put the cat in the hat, hat on and it made me so happy. 

These next four pictures are from one of the most hilarious moments in my motherhood, thus far. It's cold for us here, in that last night it was 25 degrees. Before you say "it's colder here, wimp face!" I think it should be noted that the houses here are not built with proper insulation, high ceilings and hardwood floors, by which you can see the sun shine though them due to cracks over time. By time I mean about 90 years. So, while we are warm inside with central heat, space heaters, fleece blankets, footie pajamas, and lots of snuggles, my New Orleans born babies are not used to it. Give them 100% humidity in 95 degree heat, we're good. This is a little chilly. 

So as we raced inside from the car, Avery started singing "Don't stop me now" by Queen, and started to dance, and my catlike reflexes grabbed my phone to catch her dancing. And please take a moment to look at her face. I don't know where they came from, but my oh my, this girl makes me laugh. 

And then you have peanut, the anti-picture-poser haming it up.  

Stay tuned for the next installment of "melanie shows pictures of her kids" which could very well be the title of this blog. 

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nolajazz said...

I love that Eliza is up on her toes in the first of the last 4 pictures. The way babies and little kids flex, point, and spread their toes when they are blissfully unaware that their feet are doing things all on their own cracks me up!

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