sister love

When the sun sets, Ivy pretty much only wants mom. All mom- feeding, snuggling, singing. Mom. Last night, she kept waking up and would then crash in my arms, and grab the collar of my shirt, and nuzzle her nose in the crook of my arm, so 3:30 seemed like a lovely time. A time when the city is silent, our house is calm, and Ivy and I are together. During the day, we aren't afforded that time so while I'm not thrilled when she does wake up, I know that it won't last forever, and I can always drink more coffee.  

But during the day, is pure sister love. Love includes ups and downs, but it is so much fun to watch. These big girls adore Ivy. Avery tells her that she loves her constantly, Eliza loves to pat her head and belly. Ivy smiles at them almost instantly. They're already forming such a deep bond, it's crazy to think about what 5 years from now with look like with these three. I can't help by think of how lucky they are to have each other. Avery "gets" a lot more than Eliza does, and understands that Ivy has to go to the doctor a lot, and she's so concerned for her. I remember when I had to go to the doctor a lot towards the end of Ivy's pregnancy, as all pregnant women do, and Avery was so worried about the baby. "Are you okay mom?" "Why do they need to check on the baby?" "Is the baby sick?" So now when we have appointments, we get someone to watch the girls, or it's when Avery is at school, Avery asks, "Does Ivy need a shot?" and I tell her the doctors want to look at her head. After, Avery's the first one to ask, "Did they look at Ivy's head? Is her head all better?" Then at night, when we say our prayers, she prays for Ivy's head on her own initiative. It's just beautiful. 

So here are some pictures of this sister love. 
It's good. 

 Avery sharing her love of books with her sisters. 

Eliza face & Avery being emo

 Ivy has yet to have a solo tummy time. 

Helping with those burps.

"EYE, EYE, EYE" (what Eliza calls Ivy)

Ivy was not harmed in the making of this photo. 

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