this is 30

A week ago was my birthday, and it was perfect. It was, surprisingly enough, pretty much like every other day. It dawned on me that a special day, like a birthday, involves me doing what I do everyday, which leads me to say, I have a wonderful life.

Before the pictures of my day, which is of course what is to follow, Ken asked me last night, "Did you ever think your life would look like this at 30?" and I replied, "Nope, not at all. It far surpasses what I thought."

I'm so thankful for all that I have and for what my 30 looks like. A loving husband, three beautiful daughters, supportive family and friends, a clear calling to be a mom and a city that never stops with adventure.

So what else would I do for my birthday but go to the zoo with my krewe? Of course we grubbed on pastries from la boulangerie that were waiting for us in the morning from my honey who snuck out as the bakery opened to spoil me. It was a great day- no chores for mom, no meals to prepare, and a whole lot of love.

A tradition in New Orleans on your birthday is that people pin dollar bills on your shirt, and Ken bought me this shirt years ago so I wore it all day. When I taught, I got money pinned on me all day, but today, this worked. 

Most of my life these days is watching them see the world. I enjoy that.

Maybe there were a dozen other people in the whole park? Very nice. 

A peanut, in her natural habitat. 

Ivy and I were there too. 

Because on mom's birthday, you get a toy from the gift shop! 

This mural, I love! And all the pictures I took with them in front of it. The guy who painted it was there and loved their enthusiasm, especially Avery's, in naming all the colors. He took pictures too. 

Then the bigs took naps and I had my daily one on one time with this little love bug. 

I realized as I was looking through pictures of this day, that we did the same thing for Avery's birthday. Hit up the zoo and went to eat beans and rice because that makes the girls happy. It dawned on me, them being happy and having a good time is what I want for all my birthdays. 

Yeah for 30! 

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