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I grew up watching Disney movies, especially Beauty and the Beast. I think I turned out pretty good, the whole princess needs a man thing didn't really affect me, even though Ken is quite charming like a prince. Derp derp. But Ken was reading The Little Mermaid to the girls the other night, and you know when you're reading a book to your kids and you "accidentally" skip pages and only read about 5 words on a page that has like a hundred? I was feeding Ivy and I heard Ken start to do this, "and then he was on the beach, and then she was there and then it's over." Ha! That night Ken told me he's not down with all this princess stuff, to which I responded, "Babe, Belle like loves books and wasn't really a princess but a compassionate, sacrificial woman who really loved her dad, sooooo, does that count?" Ken replied that it's okay. And then I go, "BUT YOU HAVEN'T SEEN FROZEN YET!!!"

And that's when I just went on and on about a movie that has just the best story of true love: sister love. We all know that I'm an observer of sister love day in and day out. When Avery's school had a movie night, they showed Frozen and it was the first time I had seen it. We were outside all sitting on blankets, and all these sweet little kids were singing along. Really, when Let It Go started all you heard were the sweetest sounds of soft songbirds, and then after it was over they went back to running a muck, but during that song, I teared up, and I'm fairly certain others moms did too.

We then had to get it, so we have it on our iTunes and when the girls get to watch TV, or "a show" we  watch Frozen in parts. I have a video of Avery singing Let It Go that I'm sure will be viewed years from now and I won't know what to do with myself.

I love that this movie tells of story of true love through sacrifice. That's our love story with Jesus, that he gave his life for us, sacrificed everything so that we could live. In this, Elsa separates herself from her sister Anna because of fear of hurting her, which was out of love, and then at the end, Anna's curse, or whatever, was broken when she stepped in front of Elsa when Hans was trying to strike her (Elsa) with a dagger. The movie ends with everything resolving not because a prince kissed the helpless girl, but because of the bond of sisterhood. Throw in the fact that Let It Go is sung by Adelle Dazeem Idina Menzel, my all time favorite (RENT, Wicked??!!), this movie is quickly becoming my favorite.

What prompted me to write this was this morning was special. Avery quietly tippy toed from her room around 7 to find me on the couch with Ivy, trying to find a few more minutes of sleep, and Avery whispered in her ear, "I love you Ivy," and kissed her on the cheek. Then, when the baby found some rest, Eliza woke up and when I went to get her she said, "Where Ya Ya?" (Meaning where's Avery) and I picked her up and she squirmed out of my arms and ran to Avery, giving her a bear hug. Then when Avery went to school, Eliza walked to the door and said, "Bye Ya ya, I laaa you!" This does not happen often, but today it did. And today I was so thankful to have my daughters so close in age, and more specifically, to have them in THIS stage now.

And a little added bonus. Ken was looking through our big box of pictures last night, and we found these little diddys. Our friends were over and they thought some were our kids, but really, just us as babies.

That's a baby Ken right there, looking JUST like Ivy. 

 That's a baby Melanie looking a lot like Eliza. 
Eliza also looks a lot like Ken's sister Julie's baby pictures. 

But the winner goes to toddler Melanie looking IDENTICAL to Avery. I mean, crazy!

Moral of the story: watch Frozen and make babies to look like you. 

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Sharon said...

I'm so glad I went thru my bloglovin and caught this gem! Adele Dazeem, Avery + EPK, and that last sentence!!

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