6 months

I'm not going to be a cliche.
I'm not going to say that time flies.
But I will say, it's hard to remember life before this sweet little baby.

We have a happy baby here, a squealer, a giggler.
We have an easy going, roll with the flow girl who sleeps like a champ.
She's all but wonderful to us, and she daily makes me tear up.

I delight at her milestones, I want to give her gold medals when she finishes therapy.

Next month she has her surgery and I'm just waiting for the doctors to comment on how cute she is.
That's a reasonable expectation, right?

Her journey with craniosynostosis is either at the beginning, or rounding 3rd and heading home, I'm not too sure.
I do know that when her surgery is over, I will be the happiest mom in the planet.
That's a fact.
That moment I get her back in my arms, that's what I dream about as I fall asleep at night.

With Mother's Day and all, and how I often note my reflections on motherhood, I think about Ivy the most.

She has defined me, and her journey has added so much to my life.
I wouldn't know this without having Avery and Eliza before her.

She means so much to this family.
She makes me evermore grateful to our God who had this all planned long before we did.
He has been good to us, and Ivy is a tangible blessing of His love.

Love you sweet girl. These 6 months, wow.
I really do love you more everyday.

(Our first selfie. I have like a million of theses, and I still have that expression on my face. 
She's about 4 hours old here. This was not that long ago. Okay, I'm a cliche.)

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