i just wanted a picture with my girls

...but I got so much more!

Mother's Day 2014: well done!

1. I add a baby every mothers day so it's always someone's first mothers day, so win.
2. Ken KNOWS me really well, so he knows having pastries from la boulangerie, coffee from mojos and fresh flowers from the edible schoolyard presented upon me waking up is a win.
3. He added getting a gift for the girls to give me which is just adorable. win.
4. We kept the girls in church today with us, Eliza "medicated pink eye" Peanut was not going to send her buddies home with even the slightest chance of a mother's day pink eye, and with enough books and cheerios, and my big brother holding Ivy for the whole service, I enjoyed church feeling so warm. Literally, it was a touch warm so I was sweating, but was I meant was the love. Warm with love, win.

6. Eliza's tantrum at Elizabeth's because I put her orange juice in her sippy cup and didn't let her drink it like Avery's straw and cup with no lid? Call that a win because in a day honoring mom's, I most definitely had the chance to "mother."

7. Ivy's first time in a swing and a new backdrop for my computer. Can you handle her? Win.

8. The time between 1:30 - 3:30 when ALL THREE SLEPT. Win.

9. Ice cream with the Cannatas where Rachel said, "I'll hang with them/keep them busy so you can have an actual conversation. Win.

10. Indian buffett with Steve, Sandy and sweet Savi? Win. With a unlimited champagne? Ha, WIN.

11. The girls falling fast asleep without a tear or a protest? Win.

12. Looking at all the pictures Ken took today to get that "picture of me and the girls" and realizing he "gets" me. I'm a "take a million pictures to find one that's perfect" person. He would probably identify himself as a "one, two, three, CHEESE. Okay, there's your picture." person. Marriage has done wonders, hasn't it? Win. 

13. These pictures too, WIN! Love seeing my brother love my girls. 

Tomorrow won't have the sweet treats, the gifts, the amazing food, and the pictures, but it will have those girls. The ones who made me this way. Into this woman who is now a mom. They're stuck with me! I don't know what I did to deserve this life, and thankfully it's based not on my merit but on The Lord's goodness. 

I'm thankful for Avery, who just recently has added "phrases" to her vocabulary such as "Holy Moly!" and "Yes indeed!" and some other choice phrases for Eliza that we are working on redirecting. 

I'm thankful for peanut who is potty trained, chatty, and wildly stubborn. Like, WILL DO WHAT SHE WANTS TO DO. But if you word something just right, she'll concede and it's very sweet. Ken has given her a new nickname: LCK (Loose Canon Kostrzewa) because you never know with a peanut. 

I'm thankful for Ivy and her smile, her squeals, the way she kicks her legs when I get her after a nap, and how she chuckles, not laughs, but chuckles and the most random things. 
I'm thankful. 

And this picture makes me laugh. 

The end. 


Sharon said...

Give me those eggs bennies.

Katie Schultz said...

I love how, even though I know it is not easy, you choose to appreciate all those moments with your ladies! It helps me with my own mom perspective and I can honestly feel the love pouring out of your words through my computer! Love love love your blog Mel!!

Courtney Landry said...

LOVED this! And gotta love that 22-24 month stage and public meltdowns!

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