2 years, peanut!

When we found out Ivy was coming, I worried that Eliza would be lost in the shuffle of life. That was my biggest concern when I got pregnant. Then, we planned this fun party for Eliza when she turned one, but then she got super sick so we canceled it. Then, when we got the date for Ivy's surgery, it was a week after Eliza's second birthday. We always said we'd do birthday parties for their 1st, 5th, and 10th birthdays. Mainly to keep me from pinning "fun birthday ideas" at midnight. And because we have 3 kids; could get pricey. Ken said, "we should do something for peanut, do what she loves with some friends, sound good?" So, we're holding strong with our birthday party quota. Oh well, we wanted to celebrate our peanut! 

So, this is what a peanut would do on their second birthday. A morning of blueberry muffins with her sisters, and an evening eating cupcakes and watching Frozen with her buddies. Truth be told, all she wanted was Frozen. 

"Peanut, do you want bagels or muffins for breakfast?"
"Watch Frozen."

"Do you want bean and rice for dinner or macncheese?"
"Watch Frozen."

"Cake, cupcakes, or cookies for dessert?"
"Watch Frozen."

Okay, the girl knows what she wants. 
 The birthday hat was not part of her plan. 
 I tried to make cupcakes like Sprinkles. Emphasis on tried... 

We played, ran all over the house, then ate some cupcakes! I'm laughing in that picture because when we sang EVERY person said, "dear Peanut..." and not Eliza. I feel like having a strong nickname is a good thing. Lucky for Eliza, Peanut is pretty much her name. 

For sentimental reasons, I surely do love this girl. From the day she was born, she has been good to our family. She joined us with such a calm and brought a tenderness to our home. She's smiley and sensitive. She's a great middle sister; fits the role so well. Looks up to her Avery in just about everything, and loves on her Ivy so much. I'm writing this late, but when I came home the next morning after Ivy's surgery, I went to hug her, and the first thing, "Where's Ivy??" 

We love you madly, Eliza Peanut Page Kostrzewa. 
Thanks for being so sweet. 

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