10 on 10 // JULY

 Woke up to this face. Three weeks ago, y'all! Three weeks ago was her surgery, and look at her now. 

 I use my children for my own personal gain.
These skirts though, you'll probably want one for home games and away games. 

 I went to a job interview downtown and I felt so fancy. (Teacher stuff, can't get enough.)

 How about that view though? 

 Thought Drew would be here, buuuuut...

 Picked up some wholesale fabric right by the river, love this view.

Best part of my everyday, putting my brave little one to bed. We sing, kiss, and snuggle. 

(That's only 7! What is happening to me?)


emily rhodes said...

1. Eliza's curls. I hope her hair never gets long, just more ringlet-y.
2. Those skirts. Who dot. Polka dat.
3. You so fancy.
4. Those fingernails. Girl, if they don't give you the job just for that!

Katie Schultz said...

Job interview? Hope you'll share when you can! Also, can you send all your girl prayers my way please...I'm dying to buy a skirt!!!

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